Workplace gymnastics and ergonomics: a healthy business combination


  • Gunther Monteiro de Paula Guirado
  • Eleni Oliveira
  • Manoel Messias Primo da Silva
  • Ana F. B. Moreira
  • Fernanda Vieira Ferreira



Labor gymnastics, Ergonomics, Quality of life, Workplace.


This study aims to quantify risk data for upper limbs and spine, while developing Labor Gymnastics and Ergonomics, in workers of a company located at Vale do Paraiba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. To accomplish this goal, it worked with a variable sample of 33 to 52 manufacturing employees, from March 2017, November 2017 and September 2018. A population was composed of men, with an average age of 29 years, Mass Index. Body mass (BMI) between 25 and 35 (normal overweight standard), mostly sedentary. The captured data were tabulated and statistically analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2010. In short, an associated gym and ergonomics, turns out to be a resource to lessen the impact of musculoskeletal and cognitive disorders in laboratories, currently studying this positive synergy, and improves the quality of life of employees in the workplace.

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de Paula Guirado, G. M., Oliveira, E., da Silva, M. M. P., Moreira, A. F. B., & Ferreira, F. V. (2020). Workplace gymnastics and ergonomics: a healthy business combination. International Journal of Health Management Review, 6(1).