Treatments for COVID-19: synthesis of evidence


  • Felipe dos Santos Silva
  • Renato Ribeiro Nogueira Ferraz



Coronavirus, Conduct, Medicines, Covid-19.


Objective: To compile the most cited studies, related to therapeutic proposals to fight coronavirus, contributing to clinical decision to treat patients affected by Covid-19. Method: Literature review, carried out using the free software Publish or Perish, which selects papers based on a quality indicator intitled “h index”. The search terms were “COVID-19” or "COVID 19” or “coronavirus” or “coronavirus” and “treatment”. The search took place on April 20, 2020, and included only articles published in 2019 and 2020. Results and Conclusion: The use of antibiotics and corticosteroids should be carefully evaluated. Hydroxychloroquine, heparin, ibuprofen, interferon alfa, lopinavir / litonavir, intravenous immunoglobulin and teicoplanin are the agents currently employed in the treatment of Covid-19. However, there are no controlled clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of the drugs mentioned.

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Silva, F. dos S., & Ferraz, R. R. N. (2020). Treatments for COVID-19: synthesis of evidence. International Journal of Health Management Review, 6(1).




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