Nursing Teaching Competences: A Narrative Review


  • Valnice de Oliveira Nogueira
  • Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm Cunha



Nursing, Teaching, Professional Competence.


The teaching’s work has singularities that need to be identified through technical research reports.The objective of this study was to analyze the scientific production of competences in teaching in the context of nursing. A narrative review of the literature, collected using SciELO data base, considered periodical material between 2004 to 2012 in four Brazilian important nursing scientific journals. Out of a total of 45 articles, 23 were selected. When categorizing the references, the numbers were: 04 about teacher's action, 07 discussed about the curriculum, 03 about management, 02 assistance, 07 competences related to teachings. All materials were national, articles and were academic research. It is concluded that publications on the subject are important for the training of nurses and for teaching action.

How to Cite

Nogueira, V. de O., & Cunha, I. C. K. O. (2020). Nursing Teaching Competences: A Narrative Review. International Journal of Health Management Review, 6(2).




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