Chondrosarcoma of the fourth metatarsal: a rare case report


  • Renan Ernesto Reis Borges
  • Ricardo Cortes De Bom
  • João Batista Queiroz Filho
  • Luiz Humberto Faria Barbosa
  • Rian Souza Vieira



Orthopedics, Traumatology, Surgery, Chondrosarcoma, Foot.


Introduction: Chondrosarcoma is a cartilaginous matrix malignant neoplasm that constitutes about 9% of primary malignant tumors of the bone. It is a tumor of an indolent and slow-growing nature and may be asymptomatic for many years before diagnosis. It is more commonly observed in adult men after the third decade of life, rarely found in adolescence and children, without race predilection. Objective: To report a rare case of chondrosarcoma in a young patient of 23 years, located in the fourth metatarsal of the left foot. Conclusion: In this report, the importance of early diagnosis of malignant lesions was demonstrated, as well as its difficulty, showing a case of chondrosarcoma in a very rare location, age group and radiological presentation.



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Borges, R. E. R., Cortes De Bom, R., Queiroz Filho, J. B., Faria Barbosa, L. H., & Souza Vieira, R. (2021). Chondrosarcoma of the fourth metatarsal: a rare case report. International Journal of Health Management Review, 7(2).