O papel do enfermeiro no acompanhamento de pré natal de baixo risco utilizando a abordagem centrada na pessoa - gestante


  • Rachel Sarmento Reis
  • Chennyfer Dobbins Abi Rached




Nurse. Antenatal visit. Low risk. Pregnant. Humanization.


This is a narrative review about the importance of the nurse consultation during the prenatal care of the low-risk pregnant woman using the person-centered approach. The prenatal care is the follow-up of the evolution of gestation that aims to take care of the health of the woman and her baby until the childbirth occurs, it is also the moment that the pregnant woman experiences different feelings, so the establishment of relationship with the nursing becomes indispensable. Prenatal care when performed with quality plays an important role in reducing maternal and infant mortality. Information on the different experiences should be exchanged between women and health professionals. The nursing consultation is an activity that will provide nurses with the conditions to act directly and independently with the patient, characterizing their autonomy. According to the Municipal Health Department of Rio de Janeiro, the person - centered approach should be a key tool in the Family Health Strategy, since it provides the link, comprehensive care and strengthening of care longitudinality, besides being a light technology, used by the professional that allows identifying the multiple vulnerabilities, causing them to decrease if the chances of complications and maternal and infant mortality and a good prenatal quality. It is hoped that this study contributes to the nurses' reflection, as to their importance in this context, aiming at assisting the increasingly humanized and scientific pregnant women.



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Reis, R. S., & Abi Rached, C. D. (2017). O papel do enfermeiro no acompanhamento de pré natal de baixo risco utilizando a abordagem centrada na pessoa - gestante. International Journal of Health Management Review, 3(2). https://doi.org/10.37497/ijhmreview.v3i2.125




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